Material and certifications

In product development at Alvivo, we aim to source the best possible material to produce high-quality products. Many years of experience of our product developers and testers assure us top quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. On this page we want to give you an insight into the materials we use.


Alvivo uses predominantly ripstop fabrics made of nylon taffeta 20D as an outer fabric for clothing and sleeping bags. Additional outer fabric made of polyester 20D may be used in the consumer-friendly sleeping bags.


*Nylon Taffeta

Soft and very light nylon taffeta with onesie calendaring. 
Breathable, very soft and extremely light, down-proof, 20D (inner lining)/15D (outer fabric)

During the process of calendaring, the fabric is getting down- and wind-proof and also is given a smooth surface without the need of being coated. The fabrics are led through various rollers making them thinner and more stable.

  • APPLICATION: sleeping bags, sportswear and cycling garments, thermal as well as wind-proof clothing
  • QUALITIES: breathable, down-proof, quick-drying, ultralight, wind-proof, calendared, very soft
  • COATING: none
  • TYPE OF FABRIC: taffeta (Taffeta is a high-grade fabric, even more closely woven and stronger than silk. Its surface is very fine and has a mat silky sheen.)
  • WEIGHT: 32g/qm
  • MATERIAL: 100% 20den Polyamid (PA)


Alvivo uses predominantly ripstop fabrics made of nylon taffeta 20D as lining for clothing and sleeping bags. Additional lining made of polyester-microfiber (micropongee) may be used in the consumer-friendly sleeping bags. 




Down is an animal product. RDS (Responsible Down Standard) sets a binding minimum standard for the exploitation of down. Each product refers to the ethical flawless origin of the used down. RDS is a worldwide standard that is valid, independent, and voluntary. The down industry pursues two main goals through their certifications and seals: They aim to guarantee high quality of down fill as well as the protection of the animals during down production. RDS was founded in 2013 and certifies supply chains that use down from already deceased animals. The animals must be kept in suitable conditions and are not to be force-fed. Inspections occur announced as well as unannounced. The criteria and demands of these standards are available online. This allows us to keep track of the supply chains, which results in security for our consumers.



We as a manufacturer as well as our consumers have to raise our own awareness and provide orientation. We therefore rely on independent and recognized certifying institutes such as RDS. Theirs seals are authentic, reliable and valid worldwide. In addition, we receive the veterinary certificate of our down through our supplier.



Primaloft is a synthetic alternative to down and consist mainly of polyester. As an insulating material it protects against the cold and dampness. Primaloft was developed in the beginning of the 1980s as a synthetic alternative to down for the US-Army.



Very fine, synthetic polyester-fibers are blown up and weld together under extreme heat. This creates a net-fleece made of fibers that form small air chambers resulting in insulating properties and protection against the cold. Simultaneously, the fibers are coated and therefore water-repellent. Primaloft is unsusceptible against dampness and quick-drying.



Down may clump up in damp or rainy weather. Primaloft however, resist dampness very well and is easy to take care of. Primaloft is thinner, lighter, and retains heat better than other synthetic fibers. Primaloft aims to be more sustainable: The company has set as their goal to produce 90% of their insulating materials from at least 50% recyclable ingredients by 2022.



Down requires considerably less material to achieve a similar insulting effect. The pack size is much smaller and easier to compress and transport. Down does a reliable job at keeping you warm in extreme and dry cold because it is close-fitted and therefore, the better choice. In spite of its low weight, down is able to enclose enormous amounts of air, resulting in the best insulation. In addition, down tends to smell less quickly and does not have to be washed as regularly.



In dry, cold weather conditions a down fill is your best option. Down is the ideal companion in everyday life, for city-trips, and easy hikes. As of damp, rainy weather conditions as well as physical and sweaty activities, such as skiing-tours and active hiking, primaloft is the better option.